How can I get a library card?

Here's what you need to know and frequently asked questions

How to get a card?

Bring your Driver's license or state issued identification into any Letcher County Public Library.   We'll enter you into our system and give you a card.


What if I'm too young to drive?

You can still get a card.  Just bring your adult with you.  We give cards for children ages birth and up.


Do I have to live in Letcher County?

No, as long as you work in Letcher County or live in a neighboring county, we'll give you a card.


Why do I have to show my driver's license to get a card?

With your library card, we give you access to thousands of dollars worth of books, videos, and video games.  We just need to verify your identity.


What if I can't come into the library?

If you are homebound, our Bookmobile visits all over the county, we can come to you.


Why do you need my phone number?

We won't sell your information.  We only use it if you put something on hold or have long overdue items.


What if I only want to use your online services?

We still suggest you get the regular card, but we can work with you.


What if I lose my card?

We can get you a new one or provide your card number for online use.


Can I let my friend/child/husband use my card?

Yes and no.  When you sign up for a card with us, you are responsible for anything checked out with your card.  If you want to come in and check out things for other people, that is your choice.  You can call us to have someone else pick up items for you.


Any questions we missed?  You can call us for more information. 606-633-7547


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